Download Nsf Breaker Freeware

Ball Breaker  v.1.0

Ball Breaker is an interesting arcade games for free.

Sonic Breaker  v.2.0

Sonic Breaker free downloadable games are rarity so grab your free copy now.

Computer Breaker  v.1.0

Computer Breaker is a network testing tool that allows networking administrators to test if a computer is vulnerable to malicious attacks. Using the Nessus scanner, computer-breaker scans the remote host and automaticaly exploits its vulnerabilities.

Bubble Breaker (Win32 C#)  v.1.0

C# Win32 port of the Windows Mobile Bubble Breaker game.

Breaker 001  v.1.0

A simple breaker game for learn to develop game with java.

Wall Breaker v1.0  v.b

Wall Breaker is 2D game written in C# with support of DirectX,it's very simple and interesting ,but different than others ball breaking games.Try it and see what i was mean by that!

Snake Skin Bean Breaker  v.1.0

The Snake Skin Bean Breaker converts Python syntax into readable Java syntax. With a high potential of runtime or compile-time deviances, the resultant code is assumed to be broken.. Works well for porting Jython Swing prototypes.

Fancy Brick Breaker  v.2.0

Catch the ball with your slider and hit bricks above!

DBX to NSF Converter PureSync  v.

File synchronizer and backup tool

Bubble Breaker - a simple J2ME game  v.0.1

I am addicted to this simple game, BubbleBreaker. It is a J2ME game - means if your phone or handheld runs JAVA, try this simple game. There are lots of advanced features that would be added to this game in future.

Flash Breaker  v.1.0

3D arcade-style game inspired by the the game 'Arkanoid' and the many breakout clones. OpenGL graphics, compiled for Windows XP & OSX.

File Breaker  v.32

fbreak is a console application that allows you to break a large file into multiple smaller files (ie, for distribution on floppy disks).

Bit Breaker  v.1.0

Reverse engeneering tool, useful to translate compiled object files or raw binary files, created with C-style languages back to C. Second purpose is to detect possible bugs or trojans (255b is too small to describe these methods)

CRFSharp  v.1.0

CRFSharp(aka CRF#) is a .NET(C#) implementation of Conditional Random Fields, an machine learning algorithm for learning from labeled sequences of examples. It is widely used in Natural Language Process (NLP) tasks, for example: word breaker,

BlockGame for J2ME enabled mobile device  v.1.3

BlockGame, a game for colour J2ME enabled mobile phones. Based on Netscape's online Block Breaker. Surprisingly

FilteredPush  v.1.0

Network software for annotation and quality control of distributed data. Supported by NSF: DBI 0646266 and NSF: DBI 0960535.

ITides  v.1.0

With the support of the NSF and ONR over the past few years we have developed a MATLAB tool that calculates the internal wave field generated by barotropic tidal flow of a nonlinearly stratified fluid past any arbitrary two-dimensional topography of

LotusNotes 2 Dekiwiki Converter  v.1.1

Application developed by ASK sa ( that converts the content of a LotusNotes database (.nsf) into Mindtouch Dekiwiki Pages. Almost everything is converted including text formatting, notes links, images and

ManyMinds  v.1.0

ManyMinds is a java environment for building agent-based software. It is primarily for developing educational software (even more specifically, middle school inquiry science software). This software was developed with the support of the NSF and

Nintendulator  v.rc

A Win32 NES emulator written in C++ with inline assembly optimizations. Emphasis is on precision rather than speed. Uses DLL plugins for 'mappers' (supports .NES/.UNIF/.FDS/.NSF). Latest builds can be found at home

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